Fiddler On The Hoof 

Written by Dave Humphries #7.6

Directed by Terry Green

Episode Overview

George Lynch is doing a two-stretch for an offence in which Maltese Tony was involved but escaped prosecution by cooperating with the police. Tony has since been hiding out overseas but returns to London to deliver some money and meets up with Arthur by chance. Arthur’s safety and his £25,000 life savings are threatened when Lynch’s brother Billy hears that Tony is in town and sets out to track him down.


Glynn Edwards as Dave, Clem Davis as Car Lot Punter, Michael Kitchen as Maltese Tony, David Simeon as Assistant Manager, April Walker as TV Reporter, Trevor Thomas as Dez, Don Henderson as Billy Lynch, Billy Murray as Mick, John Tordoff as Shop Assistant, Peter Quince as George Lynch, Carole Ashby as Imogen, Gerald Campion as Café Proprietor, Lloyd McGuire as Mr Kramer’s Man, Debbie Roza as Hotel Receptionist.


Gerald Campion, who has a small part as a café proprietor in this episode, played the title role in the BBC’s successful Bunter series in the 1950s based on the “Billy Bunter’ stories by Frank Richards. Following his theatrical career he became a restaurant and café proprietor in London. At the time this episode went out Don Henderson was still strongly associated with his title role in the ‘Bulman’ series a few years earlier. ‘On the hoof’ is a slang expression for moving around. In his ‘Reminder’ autobiography, Dennis Waterman mentions that director Terry Green approached him during the filming (probably of this episode) to discuss working on the ill-fated ‘Cold Justice’.

Double Take

Both Lloyd McGuire and April Walker previously appeared as jurors in #3.11 Poetic Justice, Innit?. April Walker also starred as a bank teller in #6.5 From Fulham With Love. Billy Murray, who has a smaller role in this episode played a more prominent character, Charlie Pope in #5.5 Second Hand Pose. Trevor Thomas who plays Dez, is also recognisable as Stretch, the gang leader from #1.1 Gunfight at the OK Laundrette. John Tordoff had previously appeared as Max in #3.3 Rembrandt Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and Peter Quince had previously appeared as Keith in #4.6 If Money Be the Food of Love, Play On. David Simeon who plays the Assistant Manager at the bank also appears as Henry in #10.2 Another Case of Van Blank.

Bloopers: None found.

Title: ‘Fiddler On The Roof’, originally a 1964 Broadway musical with music by Jerry Bock and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick set in Tsarist Russia in 1905.