Fatal Impression 

Written by Anita Bronson #7.4

Directed by Terry Green

Episode Overview

 Arthur entrusts two thousand pounds’ worth of goods to a local fence, Larchlap ‘Larchy’ Riley, after Dave assures him he has been cured of his gambling addiction. When he is unable to locate Larchy, Arthur discovers he is not the only person on the manor who is owed money by Larchy. He pays a desperate visit to Larchy’s home in Hounslow but is warned off by his terrifying wife Devla and their Rottweiler with claims that Larchy is unwell.

The following day Tick Tack (played by guest artist Billy Connolly) pays a visit to the house and learns that Larchy has died and his wife has taken his body back to Ireland to be buried. At Larchy’s wake, his son believes a miracle has taken place when an image of Larchy’s body is left imprinted on a bed sheet on the bed where he died. Arthur manages to get hold of the bed sheet and sees it as a moneymaking opportunity. Meanwhile, one of Terry’s ex-girlfriends Sylvie turns up at his flat with her two young children having been assaulted by her husband. Having a family around him, Terry begins to rethink his position with Arthur and applies for a sales manager’s job at a car showroom. When Arthur hears about it he makes a treacherous attempt to sabotage Terry’s chances of getting the job.


Glynn Edwards as Dave, Dick Sullivan as Larchlap Riley, Kim Thomson as Sylvie, Stephen Cuttle as Little Steve, Billy Connolly as Tick Tack, Steven Law as Detective, Sheila Steafel as Pub Singer, Paul McGuire as Pianist, Valerie Lilley as Devla, Pamela Cundell as Woman Mourner, David Adair as Dermot, John Abineri as Mr Marsden, Anwen Rees as Newspaper Reporter, Ian Redford as Stevo


This was the only episode of Minder not to have had a male writer. Kim Thomson who played Sylvie went on to appear in many more television shows in the UK including a regular spot as Faye Lamb in ITV’s ‘Emmerdale’ series from 2009-2011. Interestingly, although Terry discovers he has got the job at the end of this episode, nothing more is mentioned of it in the following episodes and one can only assume he didn’t take it up.

Double Take

Shiela Steafel, the pub singer featured in the scene where Terry goes to wait for Larchy also appeared in what was promoted as the 100th episode of the series (which was actually the 101st) #10.3 All Things Brighton Beautiful. She was once married to Harry H. Corbett who is well known for his role in ‘Steptoe and Son’. Pamela Cundell who has a small part as a mourner appeared as a juror in #3.11 Poetic Justice, Innit? and would later appear in an uncredited role in #9.6 Gone With The Winchester.

Bloopers: For the first two parts of the episode Sylvie has a very obvious bruise on her face following a blow from her husband. When her husband comes looking for her at Terry’s place towards the end of the episode she is wearing immaculate facial makeup and there is no sign of the bruise. It is unlikely that the bruise would have faded so quickly or could be completely concealed by makeup.

Title: ‘Fatal Attraction’, a 1987 thriller starring Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer.